Going to the next level.

From Methacton High School

to Pitt Business

with Kevin He ’21

Huge Impact.

I went to Methacton High School, where I was co-secretary of my class and played lacrosse. My teachers at Methacton made a huge impact on me and provided great mentorship.

Steve Savitz had a great impact on me during my senior year through his style of teaching AP Environmental Science. Not only did I gain a greater appreciation for the environment, he crafted his class in ways to get students interested in innovation! For example, he had an electric car competition where students built mini cars with a solar panel!


Welcome to Pitt!

I lived in Tower B Gold, where I became Hall Council recognition chair through the recommendation of my RA.

Some of my favorite classes at Pitt were organizational behavior, wealth and power, consumer behavior, and digital & social media marketing. These classes all had excellent teachers who were able to effectively teach complex course concepts so that I could use them in the future!

Trevor Young-Hyman had the largest impact on my college career. He helped me find research experience and always pushed me to the next level. This summer, I will be researching with him through the Brackenridge Fellowship.

All of my professors at Pitt Business have made a significant impact on the way I think in some way or another. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to meet and interact with such intelligent and passionate minds.

My Life at Pitt 

Get involved!

After I joined the Hall Council of my residence hall, I looked to the extracurricular fair to find more.

I met the e-board for Pitt Collegiate DECA and became friends with a lot of the members. I became the VP of Marketing at DECA for a few semesters and had so much fun within the organization! Both of these organizations allowed me to learn how to effectively lead and work within a team. The best part was creating wonderful memories to hold onto as I continue my career.

Brackenridge Fellowship.

I’m looking forward to beginning my research fellowship this summer! The Brackenridge Fellowship is an amazing opportunity to be able to collaborate with leading researchers from all of the departments at Pitt. I am extremely grateful for my professor’s willingness to be my mentor and push me to think outside the box for research.

Finishing my Senior year.

When I first arrived at college, I never knew there were opportunities for business students to research, and now I am considering trying to go to the next level for research.

During my senior year, I’ll be finishing up my statistics and economics minors. I am also considering applying for graduate programs! When thinking back on my college experience, I don’t think I would change anything about it. The best advice I could give to high school seniors is to invest in themselves as much as they can, and be patient!

Commit to Pitt